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The Sanctuary of Healing: A Poem

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In the quiet space between breaths

Where the mind’s whispers start to fade

There lies a sacred space

Where we untangle all our worries

And unfold the layers of our being.

It is in this sanctuary of healing

Where with every word spoken,

And every tear that’s shed,

We stitch together the pieces

To create the tapestry of resilience.

Here, in journey of healing

We learn to embrace our scars,

See the beauty in our brokenness,

We learn the dance of our mind and body

To reclaim our wholeness again.

It is in the hands of a friendly companion

Where our souls behind to heal,

Rising above from the ashes,

Finding the power within ourselves,

And releasing the burdens we carried.

Sea Glass Mental Health Favicon

Meet The Author

Ana Franco, Clinical Therapist at Sea Glass Mental Health in Arizona and Hawaii



Meet The Author

Ana is a Clinical Counselor at Sea Glass Mental Health. She works with teen and adult populations. Ana specializes in anxiety, depression, and self-esteem.

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