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Start living the life you want! Our therapy team specializes in a variety of mental health conditions.


Are you having trouble with paying attention, making decisions or time management? Perhaps you struggle with social awkwardness, fidgeting or hypersensitivity. If so, our therapists can help you change your negative thought patterns and behaviors, improve communication skills, develop problem-solving skills and practice relaxation techniques by utilizing CBT, mindfulness, social skills training and skill-building activities. You will be better able to focus on and complete tasks, be more organized, and it will be easier to create and maintain meaningful relationships.

Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

If you live in a constant state of unease, tension or fear, you are not alone. Anxiety, stress and overwhelm can be debilitating and can interfere with your relationships and daily activities. Our providers are ready to help you feel safer in your own mind and body. We will explore the underlying causes, help you better understand and manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and develop healthier responses to anxiety and stress. We will also be providing you with tools to use now and in the future to manage these symptoms. These strategies will also help you live a life that isn’t dictated by excessive worry, overthinking and uncertainty. Instead you will feel in-control, grounded and secure.

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Are you experiencing inappropriate, intense and out of control anger or rage? Are you left feeling ashamed, guilty, and remorseful after an episode? If so, our therapists are here to help you explore the underlying causes of your outbursts, better understand your triggers, and develop healthier thinking patterns, behaviors, routines and coping strategies. You will have more compassion for yourself and others, feel less angry, feel more relaxed, and better able to manage overwhelming emotions now and in the future.

Bipolar Disorder

Are your unpredictable moods and energy levels leaving you feeling out of control, confused and disconnected? Do you feel like you are constantly “all over the place”? Our therapists are ready to help you better recognize warning signs of an episode, develop a healthier lifestyle, and teach effective coping skills. You will feel more balanced, self-aware and more in control of your emotions.

Depression & Hopelessness

If you are feeling empty, numb or sad, you may be experiencing depression. If you are having trouble just getting through the day or getting out of bed in the morning, there is hope. Depression is treatable and we are here to help. Our providers will help you identify patterns of thinking, behaviors or trauma that are contributing to the depression and will give you tools to make small and positive changes to your thinking and behaviors every day. You will feel more capable of managing your emotions and more in control of your life. We want to get you back to doing the things that bring you joy with the people that you love.


Grief is a natural and complex emotional response to a loss or a major life change, including loss of a loved one, divorce, end of a relationship, illness, job loss or a move. Grief can be expressed in many ways but usually feels like sorrow, regret, guilt, anger and confusion. The grieving process can be a difficult and painful journey but you don’t have to do it alone. Our therapists are ready to help you with talk therapy, narrative therapy, ACT, mindfulness, self-care and working within your personal religious/spiritual frameworks. We are here to help you understand and express your feelings, recognize and accept the reality of the loss, create a new sense of normalcy and move forward in your life.


Are you tired of being bombarded with intrusive thoughts, plagued with repetitive behaviors and on a constant rollercoaster of anxiety? OCD can be a debilitating disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to function in their daily life and leads to feeling trapped and alone. Our therapists are ready to help you manage your obsessions and compulsions by gradually exposing you to the things that you fear and preventing you from engaging in compulsive behaviors (exposure and response prevention therapy). You will learn to manage your OCD now and in the future, experience relief and achieve an overall greater quality of life.

Relationships & Family Conflict

Have you been feeling disconnected from the people in your life who matter to you the most? Maybe you are noticing more and more disagreements with your loved ones that leave you feeling angry, resentful, and misunderstood. Our therapists are here to help you identify underlying issues or traumas, teach communication and boundary-setting skills, and develop more effective strategies for managing and resolving disagreements. We will help you feel more understood, supported and connected as well as better equipped to handle future conflicts.

Self-Esteem & Body Image

Are you tired of feeling like you just aren’t good enough? If you are constantly doubting your abilities or are overly critical of yourself, we are here to help. Our therapists can help you gain insight into the root causes of low-self esteem, learn how to challenge your negative thoughts, make positive changes in your life, and develop healthier coping strategies. You will learn to love yourself, recognize and admire your unique strengths and talents, become more assertive and develop healthier relationships with others and yourself.

Sexual Identity

Are you struggling with knowing, loving and accepting yourself? Maybe you are feeling unseen, unheard or misunderstood. Our therapists are here to help you navigate the unique issues and challenges that the LGBTQ+ community faces including coming out, family dynamics, developing and maintaining relationships, discrimination and more. We provide a safe space to explore and celebrate who you are. Through therapy, you will experience a sense of relief, acceptance, empowerment and feel more confident expressing yourself.

Trauma & PTSD

Are you experiencing intense emotions, scary and confusing reactions to things and intrusive thoughts? Or perhaps you are always feeling on edge, numb or tense? If so, you may be experiencing a trauma response or PTSD. All of our providers are trained in EMDR (the most effective treatment for trauma) and will help you process the trauma, gain insight into how it has impacted your life and learn new coping skills. Whether you have experienced one isolated event or ongoing complex trauma, EMDR will leave you feeling relieved and hopeful. EMDR leads to a greater sense of confidence and strength, improved mood and a more positive outlook on life.

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