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It's all a bit much, isn't it?

Our anxiety therapy program is structured to help those struggling with general anxiety, social anxiety or panic attacks. Start feeling grounded and in control of your life again.

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You’re not losing your mind.

Never before has there been a time where people have been so over-informed and undervalued. This is leaving more than one generation feeling like they are trapped in their position, their situation and their hyper-stimulated minds.

If You Find Yourself:

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Sea Glass Anxiety THERAPY Program

Get Relief From Your Anxiety

8-therapy sessions to help you feel heard, learn the tools to help you cope and get the support you need to help you live with more freedom now and in the future.
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A thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your specific condition

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An individualized treatment plan and goal setting process with a licensed therapist

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1:1 virtual therapy sessions with a therapist that meets your needs

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A toolbox of coping, grounding, emotional regulation, and mindfulness skills

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Worksheets, tailored homework assignments, helpful videos and other resources

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Email access to your therapist so you can get support when you need it most

Learn how to take care of yourself the way your deserve


We offer referrals as needed for additional treatment, therapies, or medication management.

Therapy is billed per session and can be cancelled at any time.

Jaena Abarzua, Founder & Clinical Therapist at Sea Glass Mental Health

Jaena Abarzua

Owner & Founder

clinical Therapist

Sea Glass Mental Health

Why Trust Us?

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We Care

When it feels like too much to handle on your own, we can help carry the weight until you are ready to take the steps to move forward.

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We Understand

Anxiety, along with the pressure you feel from yourself and others can cause you to sacrifice a fulfilling and meaningful life. We have the skills and experience to help you take the right steps to find relief, peace, and happiness.

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We Believe You Deserve More

We develop a personalized plan that provides you with the tools you need to recognize your anxiety triggers and manage stressful situations so you can live better.

Sea Glass Anxiety THERAPY Program

What To Expect From This Approach

Feel relief within the first few sessions and more significant results within 3 months.* 

*Results are dependent upon a number of factors such as frequency of sessions, adherence to treatment, complexity of symptoms and diagnoses, severity of trauma, etc.

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Feel like you can breathe, cope, and live with more clarity.

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