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Benefits of Telehealth Therapy

When most people envision what therapy is like their mind goes to the stereotypical image of the client laying on the couch crying while the therapist sits across from them in a chair with a big notepad analyzing the client. While this might have been accurate during Sigmund Freud’s time, therapeutic environments have dramatically shifted since then, especially over the last few years. 

After the pandemic more and more providers have started leaving their offices and switching to telehealth (virtual) platforms. This choice was initially out of necessity, not preference; however, therapists and clients alike have started to prefer and seek telehealth therapy. While some resist this change in the therapeutic environment for reasons such as: wanting direct human contact, wanting a sacred space to share, having the ability to shake the therapist’s hand and less potential distractions, there are some benefits for engaging in therapy through telehealth. 


When a person engages in telehealth therapy they are able to do it from a comfortable environment of their choosing. Client’s can be in their house, in their room and cuddled up in a blanket or next to their pets. Client’s are able to set their own mood with lighting, scents, and temperature, which can greatly impact how a person feels in an environment. 


We live in a busy and fast paced world. Trying to add another to-do on your list can often put people over the edge. This is one reason why people put therapy on the back burner because it does take time and energy. With telehealth, clients can engage in sessions that work with their schedule and not have to worry about commuting to the appointment and taking additional time out of their day.


When looking for a therapist, people often search within the area near their home or office. Telehealth allows clients to find a therapist who might be a better fit, have increased scheduling availability, or accept their insurance. The options vastly increase when you can choose a therapist from anywhere within your state versus the options right around the corner. People who live in remote and rural areas now also have easy access to care. 

Unfortunately, stigma on receiving mental health services is still real, despite the many improvements in recognizing the importance of mental health care. Since therapy now has increased comfortability, convenience, and accessibility, more people are becoming open to receiving therapy services. Client’s can now find comfort in receiving therapy from their own couches versus the intimidating therapist couch.

Meet The Author

Sarah Freitag, Clinical Supervisor & Clinical Therapist at Sea Glass Mental Health



Meet The Author

Sarah is a Clinical Therapist and Clinical Supervisor at Sea Glass Mental Health. She works with teen and adult populations. Sarah specializes in trauma, anxiety, EMDR, grief and eating disorders.

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